Endorsements: Let's Tackle Hunger Together!

David Beasley, Exec. Dir. WFP
Former Governor of SC

“Through my work with the World Food Program, I see every day the devastation of hunger. I see it in the hollow eyes of children and hear it in their soft pleas for help,” said David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program and former governor of South Carolina. “COVID has brought exceptional pressures on our communities and our economy, so I am proud that my friends in South Carolina are mobilizing to meet the needs of the undernourished in my home state. I urge my fellow South Carolinians to generously support this humanitarian effort.” - David Beasley

Amanda McNulty
SC ETV's "Making it Grow"

"A spokesman for Harvest Hope Food Bank poignantly said, '…staff and volunteers meet folks from all around the state who are not only in need of food to fill their tables, but a little hope that things are going to get better. Your donation is more than a meal,...it’s an offering of hope...that we can build a hunger-free tomorrow.' In a state where agriculture is the major driver of our economy, it is untenable that we have children of God suffering from hunger and malnutrition. We are a small state; we know the people in our communities and through this challenge, we can safely help them to receive their basic needs and at the same time let them know that they are not forgotten by those whose blessings have been greater.” - Amanda McNulty

The Rev. Dr. Danny Murphy
Genera Presbyter
Trinity Presbytery

"One of the challenges of the church is to express God’s love in tangible ways. The Souper Bowl of Caring is an effective way to accomplish this. I encourage every church to join in this year’s effort to raise one million dollars in South Carolina. You can make an incredible play ​against hunger with The Souper Bowl of Caring on February 7, 2021." - Rev. Dr. Danny Murphy

Marcie & Dan Radakovich
Athletic Director - Clemson University

"The Souper Bowl of Caring unites people to pull together by caring for others, and also ensuring all funds be provided to the local community. This simple effort is something that people from the Upstate to the Low Country can do. We hope everyone across South Carolina works together in this Million Dollar Challenge!" - Dan and Marcie Radakovich

The Honorable Richard W. Riley
Former US Secretary of Education &
Former Governor of SC

“The closure of schools due to COVID19 has further strained many children in our state who depend on school lunch programs for adequate nutrition. I encourage my fellow South Carolinians to join me in feeding children in their respective communities.”
- Dick Riley

Molly Spearman
State Superintendent of Education
South Carolina

"In order to see the people of South Carolina experience the beauty of pulling together as one, and to do so by reaching out to help neighbors who are hungry and hurting during this pandemic, Eastminster Presbyterian church in Columbia is providing a 15% match of funds or food donated to SC school feeding programs as well as to SC non-profit hunger charities during February. The Souper Bowl of Caring, which started in Columbia and has generated over $160 million for hunger charities across the country since its inception. This year's S.C. Million Dollar Challenge mobilizes people to each give a little to help those that are hungry. Participating groups conduct food or dollar drives during February, then send 100% of what they collect to a hunger charity, or to a school feeding program, they choose in their community." - Molly Spearman

Karen and Ray Tanner
The Ray Tanner Foundation

The Ray Tanner Foundation is dedicated to the betterment of economically disadvantaged children and their families in the greater Columbia area. For 15 years we have raised money to support organizations that feed and take care of our neighbors so this initiative of the Souper Bowl of Caring to feed our state is exactly what we want to be doing. We will be giving through our church and hope our community will do the same so that no one in our state will be hungry! - Ray Tanner