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The Story of the Tackle Hunger Map

In 2020, the world was dealing with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and lockdowns. A question arose from the uncertainty: could we find out what food charities need in real time?

That one question led to the newest innovation: the Tackle Hunger Map.

Using our nation-wide connections with food charities and a partnership with Dell Technologies, we got to work. Through the power of artificial intelligence and monetary donations, the Souper Bowl of Caring developed the unique national Tackle Hunger Map.

The Tackle Hunger Map shows the locations of local food charities and their real time needs. Groups and individuals can easily become a support network for their local food charity. This means that food pantries of all sizes have equitable access to donations.

Donations given locally, stay local.

The Tackle Hunger Map is a valuable resource for disaster relief with real time tracking of needs and possible disruptions to supply chains. With a glance, it is obvious which food charities have available resources and which ones need assistance.

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