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$170 Million Donated

through SBoC campaigns tackling hunger since 1990. 100% is given to local charities.

300,00 Unique Groups

from all 50 states have tackled hunger

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Explore our map and join our grassroots network to support local food charities

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$1 to SBoC creates over $18 for local food charities across the country

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Take the Tackle Hunger Challenge

What if everyone watching a football game gave just one dollar or one can to a local food charity?

You can participate in Souper Bowl of Caring campaigns all year round!

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Local Charities

Since 1990, over $170 million has been reported donated to local food charities across all fifty states with over 300,000 unique groups participating. Every dollar donated to Souper Bowl of Caring creates over $20 for food charities. We unite communities to tackle hunger.

NFL Advocates

Our NFL Advocates Support our Mission.

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Our Map

Explore our map and join our grassroots network to support local food charities.

If you received a check from us or have trouble signing in, go here.

Tackle Hunger News

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NFL Alumni Partners for the Tackle Hunger Challenge

We are excited about the partnership with NFL Alumni as we encourage groups to think about how they might help local families who are food insecure. The Tackle Hunger Challenge is a way to use the energy of ANY sporting event to make sure families and soup in their bowls!

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Houston ISD Creates Pantries with SBoC Help

This year, Souper Bowl of Caring campaigns helped Houston ISD create 55 food pantries in schools to support students and their families through their wraparound services department. The great thing is that our campaign is annual, meaning that HISD can receive additional funds to keep their pantries stocked.

SBoC in Utah

Utah School Foundations Feed the Need

“Hunger isn’t a new problem in Utah schools, we are aware now more and are just being more proactive about it,” said Dave Swenson, principal at Green Canyon High School. Utah school foundations now annually create over $1M to provide food pantries in schools across the state. When asked if West Jordan High School Principal, James Birch saw a connection between giving students food and academic performance, the answer was emphatic, “No question. A hungry student can’t pay attention in class. It changes everything from A to Z, attendance, grades, attitude…everything.” The Souper Bowl of Caring program makes that happen every year.

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