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We make it simple and free to create a campaign. Anyone can participate! Follow the easy steps below to get started today.

Four Downs to Tackle Hunger


Select Your Food Charity

Feel free to choose whatever charity in your community you wish to support.

If you aren't sure what charity to support, go to the Tackle Hunger Map and pick a local food charity to champion. You can see each charity's needs based on the color of their pin.

apple colors from the tackle hunger map


Choose Your Path

How do you want to run your campaign? Will you run an in-person food drive? Collect cash donations in soup pots? Both? It really doesn't matter to us! We also make it easy to run a virtual campaign for both food and cash donations.

collection bins for food donations


Register Your Fundraiser Campaign

Click here to tell us who you are. This is where you become a part of the Souper Bowl of Caring team! If you need any help at all, feel free to call us at 1-800-358-SOUP or email us at info@tacklehunger.org.

participants making signs for their fundraiser


Utilize Our Resources

We’ve done this part for you! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Need posters? We’ve made them. Social media templates? We have those, too. You want coloring pages? Yup, we even have those.

Browse through our extensive resource center to find what you need. As always, everything is free to use!

girl showing off her donations


Report Back to Us!

After you finish your campaign, feel free to donate your collection directly to the charity of you choice. Then, we want to celebrate with you! No number is too small or too big!

Log in to your account and tell us here how many cans, pounds of food, or dollars were donated. Your virtual donations will automatically appear, but you can add in any in-person collection totals as well. You can even call us at 1-800-358-SOUP (7687) or send an email (reports@tacklehunger.org).

Have pictures or stories? We would love to share them on our social media pages! Tag us in your posts @souperbowl.

three students fundraising for a food charity


Need more ideas and inspiration? Visit our Souper Ideas page to see what others have done!

Look at what others are doing around the country to promote their Souper Bowl of Caring collections through social media. Be sure to add, share and tag us @TackleHunger or #TackleHunger.

scouts and their donations
woman with soup pot in drive by fundraiser
volunteers at food pantry
youth at fundraising event
food collected at a fundraiser
nfl alumni speaking to the press about Tackle Hunger
girl with fundraising sign
youth throwing football
school bus filled with food